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Discover the Heart®: The ergonomic fitness tool designed to facilitate the body-mind connection. Tapping into the body's innate wisdom and natural flow, the Heart® is an ideal compliment to a yoga or tai chi practice.

It is an easily accessible workout companion for those on the move or in the workplace,
and also a unique and powerful team-building instrument.

 The Heart® naturally elicits instinctual, flowing movement patterns in the body. Especially when paired with the breath, this sculptural fitness tool allows for gentle restoration and focusing of vital energy as well as a slow-burn, ergonomic workout that calms the parasympathetic nervous system. Moving with the Heart® from a grounded center in elliptical, orbital planes of motion promotes stability and balance within the body and invites you to organically rediscover the joy of movement. 

This simple and powerful instrument can be used in a solo practice, with a partner, or with a group. It is a perfect way to develop trust and
team-building skills and foster heart-to-heart connections.

The benefits of the Heart® extend far beyond the realm of fitness. Because of the Heart®'s unique ability to direct and focus attention and awareness during a movement practice, it has the capacity to transform love from a concept into a physical reality. As we organically and elliptically move, breathe, focus, and even practice self-massage with this heart-shaped instrument, the practice of loving ourselves manifests as our mind and body align.



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