Yoga & Heart® 

Most people in western society have an energy blockage between solar plexus and heart chakra. Most of us live in the 'I' instead of 'we' feeling.

As a civilization, we are developing awareness of this blockage. If we are about to 'save the planet' and change the social paradigm, we have to step out of our egoistic way of looking and start acting as a connected global community. We are contributing to this shift with this important movement work with Heart®, which creates space in the chest, cultivates healthy relationships, inspires laughter, and offers a space in which to move without judgment, with a curious mind, in order to unlock the body's natural wisdom.

The shape of this instrument makes it a dynamic companion to balancing, strengthening, and stretching asanas.

ANAHATA: The Heart Chakra


Anahata is the energy center of love, compassion, humanity, and safety.

It nurtures the sense of community by stimulating self-awareness.

This fourth chakra is in the center of the energy system of the human body, and links the upper and lower chakra systems within the energetic body. "Anahata" translates from Sanskrit to mean “unstruck” or “unhurt”, meaning that beneath any personal suffering and heartbreak resides unconditional love and compassion. The energy contained here is boundless, infinite and powerful.

Anahata Chakra is located in the center of the chest. It is green in color and its corresponding element is air. Biologically, it is associated with the heart, circulation, arteries, blood pressure, lungs, ribs, upper back. Emotionally, it is associated with love, empathy, compassion and humanity.

A well-balanced fourth chakra results in stimulating your highest ideals and desires, and leaves you feeling positive and nurturing, ready to step out into the world radiating compassion and love.

Mudras of the Heart Chakra

Prithivi Mudra                                                              Akash Mudra

Prithivi Mudra Akash Mudra

Mudras, or symbolic gestures, are shapes formed with the fingers, hands, and body to focus and direct energy during yoga and meditation practices. The natural grip elicited when holding the Heart® around the central handle is a beautiful combination of the Prithivi and Akash mudras, the traditional masculine and feminine heart-strengthening gestures. 

Heart® as a tool for self-massage & supportive prop