Paul's interest in the mind-body connection and peak performance stemmed from his career in amateur wrestling. At a young age, he took up yoga and eastern modalities of health and wellness for injury prevention, rehab, and as a way to explore the intersection of peak performance and personal growth. He went on to co-captain Harvard wrestling in college -- in 1984 he won the National Olympic Qualifying Tournament and was first alternate on the US Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, for the past several years Paul has put his heart into Heart®.  He now leads fitness classes with Heart® for people of all ages and fitness levels in upstate New York. Additionally, he presents training workshops with both Heart® and SmartBells® in tandem with Biondolillo Associates’ Team Building Division.

Prior to Heart®, Paul invented the revolutionary functional training system SmartBells®,  and founded its parent company, Thinkfit®, while educating trainers and customers on the fitness programs. A diverse user base was created that included the US Navy SEALS, Crunch Fitness, Equinox, the Yankees, Mets White Sox, Stanford GSB Executive Program Nonprofit Leaders, the Kaufman Foundation, Benedictine Hospital Oncology Support Dept, and Pfizer’s National Depression Awareness Campaign.

His work has been featured in the NY Times, NY Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Chronogram, Blue Stone Press, The Record, and numerous news and TV shows.

He has led training and workshops at The Omega Institute, Stanford Business School, Singularity University, Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, the Kaufmann Foundation, ECA (NYC and Miami), Health FOO, and the east and west coast bases of the US Navy SEALS.

Paul is passionate about the creative process and intellectual property, filing trademarks and writing patents himself. He enjoys sharing this knowledge and experience with young people along with other creatives, artists and entrepreneurs. Along these lines, he’s been dedicated to the Burning Man Project and community since 2007.

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Eli mcnamara

Eli works with the body through yoga, theater, and dance to identify habits and patterns that inhibit us from moving in the world as our healthiest, most expressive selves. Motivated by the belief that the body is a source of deep wisdom, Eli’s mission is to work and play with movement to unlock this knowledge and walk a path of radical healing. Working and playing with breath, meditation, yoga asanas, music, somatic movement, healing touch, theater, and, most recently, Heart®, Eli is committed to supporting others in their individual journeys of self-inquiry and healing. 

Eli is confident in Heart®'s ability to be a positive force in the modern revolution of love and excited to share this healing tool to support our local and global communities!


ujjala schwartz

Ujjala is a kayaker, hiker, dancer, former rock climber, cancer survivor, and Interfaith Minister who has devoted herself to an integrative approach to fitness and health over the last forty years. She teaches, lectures and facilitates both groups and individuals through the process of connecting one's awareness to Body, Mind and Spirit. Ujjala has lectured in the areas of Health and Wellness at the United Nations and IBM, and for a period of time was the program director and facilitator for Holistic Way at Mohonk Mountain House.

Ujjala has worked at Benedictine Hospital, Kingston, NY as a Patient Navigator and co-coordinator for Breast Cancer Education and Outreach, facilitated the Oncology Support Program’s Kids Connection, and was the coordinator and Health Educator for the Senior Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Club. Her articles on exercise and nutrition are published in both the Celebrate Life and the Healthy Lifestyle Wellness newsletters quarterly for both the OSP and the Senior Program.

For many years, Ujjala worked with Paul as an integral part of the SmartBells® team, leading instruction at every east coast SmartBells® Instructor Certification Program and facilitating Oncology Support classes at Benedictine Hospital. Ujjala calls SmartBells® "a key that unlocks intuitive movement in the body." She views SmartBells®, and now Heart®, as an artistic tool for anyone that can also be used to promote healing.


Angel ortloff

Angel Ortloff is an accomplished artist and potter. Her hands, which once sculpted clay, now lend their strength and purpose to the healing art of massage. Angel is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness in Albany, NY and a New York State licensed massage therapist. She practices modalities according to client preferences and needs, and specializes in Shiatsu. In addition to her massage therapy practice, Angel is a volunteer and Co-Director of Outreach & Development for Health Care is a Human Right Free Holistic Clinics and a SmartBells® and Heart® fitness instructor at Benedictine Hospital focusing on oncology support.