Heart® was invented by Paul Widerman and has been in development in New York's Hudson Valley since 2015.

Prior to his journey developing the Heart®, Paul invented and patented the revolutionary functional training system SmartBells®, and its parent company, Thinkfit®, as well as participating actively as a trainer and educator of what quickly proved to be a cutting-edge system of movement. The catalyst and inspiration to create Heart® hit Paul on Valentine’s Day in 2012 in Greenwich Village, where a window display of hearts sparked an intuition to expand upon his success and experience with SmartBells® into a more heart-centered venture. He began to adapt and refine the SmartBells® design inspired by the sentiment that the world needs more human connection-- and so, Heart® was born!

The unique circular choreography of the Heart® elicits both a creative flow and a slow-burn, ergonomic workout: an ideal companion to a tai chi or yoga practice. The patented movement patterns that accompany this fitness instrument also soothe cramped and tired muscles, particularly from office and computer-driven lifestyles. Heart® empowers us to heal ourselves through solo work and group connection, creating a space to explore our body and others' in non-threatening ways. Heart® also serves as an incredibly useful training tool for athletes to reach peak performance.

Current research abounds in complimentary fields of healing, spiritual development, and neural plasticity that solidifies our conviction of the benefits of a strong mind-body connection. Through direct experience and years of feedback from class and training participants we know that the Heart®'s benefits extend beyond just the physical. This journey is an open-ended one with limitless potential for evolution of body, mind, spirit, and community connection, and we are thrilled and honored to share it with you!


Our Mission

  • To empower you to connect you to yourself and to others
  • To invite you to rediscover the joy of movement
  • To counter-balance the issues from phone and computer usage, and lives of prolonged sitting
  • To assist you in aligning your physical body and grounding your energetic body
  • To facilitate this beautiful experience for people of all ages and physical conditions

Using ... mind-body approaches can help you regain control of your psycho-emotional health and create an environment within your body that supports health rather than disease.
— Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE


  • 3D printed through the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center (HVAMC) at SUNY New Paltz
  • Hand-poured polyurethane at Mohonk Arts Center in High Falls, NY
  • Intellectual Property:  Heart® is a registered trademark, US design patent: D752,160.  A US and international utility patent is pending. All material on this website © HEART 2018.